Privacy Statement


GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation )

We take your personal information and data very seriously. We use it to help us provide you with an effective service. We only collect information you have given to us or a 3rd party who you have consented to work with us too. ( See below ) We ask for your personal details when you first present to the service and then throughout your using the service we will process other relevant information.

Data Security

Securing your personal data is extremely important to us in STAR Ballymun Ltd which is why we take appropriate measures to protect your data. We use one of the best databases available in the world at present to make sure that your data is safe. ( Salesforce ) We use a leading IT company to help us secure your data at all times from any cyber threats and ensure that we are technologically up to date at all times.


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Why do we need to collect data and what do we do with it?

The personal data STAR Ballymun Ltd processes is mainly used for internal purposes which is used by the staff working in the project to help support you with a sometimes wide range of needs, which helps us provide you with a service. We only process information for the purposes for which it is processed and not for any other purposes. We process your personal information and sensitive personal information on the grounds of pursuing a legitimate interest

What information do we process on your behalf?

We process your personal detail as follows:

  • Name, address, Date of birth, telephone no
  • Your PPS no if relevant
  • Doctor / GP
  • Next of kin including your family details including children’s details
  • Health related information & some medical details if relevant
  • Personal history & trauma related history
  • Care Plan
  • Details relating to other services you have used or currently use
  • Outcome data ( data that measures the change you have made since you started using the service )

When, why and how might we share your information with a 3rd party?

We generally ( see section below as to when this might not be the case ) share information about you, or ask for information about you with third parties where you have given your specific consent and where there is “ legitimate interest ” from the third parties point of view for us to share that information. E.g. we may share information with your doctor if you have given your consent .We also may share information with a family member if you have specifically requested this and consented to this. This is to support you in  terms of your overall well being. This information will then be fed back to you so you are fully involved at all times, as soon as the member of staff is able to.

We will share information with other services / people if you have given your specific consent. See STAR Ballymun Ltd 3rd Party Consent Form which will be discussed with you as a part of the service we offer to help further your needs and wellbeing. It is up to you whether you consent to this or not, and it is up to you as to who you might like to nominate as named persons for us to talk to about you. You also can remove anyone’s name at any time and withdraw your consent at any time by asking your key worker to make the changes you want to the consent form.

Under GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ) legislation we need to fulfil one of the grounds as to why we collect information. The reason why we collect information about you is because “ The processing is necessary for the purposes of legitimate interests”. This means that:

Our service supports individuals with a wide range of needs e.g health needs, physical needs, psychological needs, family needs, social needs etc and this means we need to process information on your behalf  so we can plan with you about your needs. Sometimes this may need to be shared as we do not work in isolation from other services. We are a small service and share skills and expertise with a range of agencies.  Communicating with them about you makes this possible. Evidence shows we can get better outcomes for you by doing this.

In addition to the above we are funded by the HSE and the DSP and they occasionally  ask as part an audit of our services ( which is a condition of our funding ) to see certain information, we will never show sensitive personal information to these bodies about you.

When might we share your information WITHOUT your consent?

The only time we will speak to someone about you where you have not given your consent is where there is a legal basis,  E.g. Children First Act 2015.

This would be where we thought you or another person were at possible risk.  E.g.  if your child was thought to be at risk we are obliged to contact Tusla or the gardai. We will always aim to speak to you first where possible before we speak to a third party without your consent. There are times where this might not always be possible.

In a situation like the above the legal basis would be the Children First Act 2015 which says that we are obliged to pass legitimate concerns onto Tusla or the gardai.

How long do we hold onto your personal data for?

When you are leaving STAR Project Ballymun Ltd services you have the right to ask for a copy of your records ( and at any time while you are using the service ). You also have the right to ask that your records be deleted.

If you do not ask for your records to be deleted STAR Project Ballymun Ltd will store your records on our secure database system which is a Salesforce system for up to 4 years. This is because our experience shows that service users who leave our service sometimes  re engage at a later point. We believe that four years is an adequate time period to facilitate this. If your records are deleted after this period and you re-engage after four years we would need to take new records.

What are Your Rights under GDPR?

  • The right to be forgotten ( have your information deleted from our records )
  • The right to see what information we process about you and request a copy of your records
  • The right to have certain information not recorded/object and to amend inaccuracies
  • The right to portability ( take my records and move them to another service if I want to )
  • Right in relation to profiling and automated decision making

How do I view my records held in STAR Ballymun Ltd ?

Under GDPR legislation you have a right to see what information we hold on you.

In order to do this please make a request in writing or by e mail to The Manager, STAR Project Ballymun Ltd, Horizons Centre, Ballymun , Dublin 11 or to

We are obliged  under GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ) to give you the information we hold on you within 30 calendar days. We would need to take out any information relating to 3rd parties to protect that 3rd parties confidentiality.

More information

If you have any concerns or questions in relation to our protection of your data please speak to a member of staff or the Manager: or 01 846 7930 / Katy MacAndrew.